Getting Started With MFH-Alarian Mod

Download Link: Please visit official thread

After you downloaded and installed MFH-Alarian Mod (later just MAM) launch the game (by FretsOnFire.exe).
Now we are going to change the defaults settings. Go to Options.

  • MFH-Alarian Mod vX.XXX

- Number of Players - 1 or 2
- 2 Players Mode - Face-Off or Pro Face-Off (both are about who has bigger score)
- Party Mode Timer - If you play party mode. Didnt tested myself.
- Language - language settings
- Upload Highscores - yes or no
- Theme - choose one of the 5 default themes (GH1, GH2, GH3, Rock Band(default), 8-bit), or those you downloaded.
- Stages - Random(default), Default, Blank (dont get this)
- Rotate Stages - No, In Order, Random, BackNForth
- Rotate Delay - delay between stage changes
- SP Refill - No, Yes, Rock Band
- Lyrics - No, Yes, Auto (from song.ini)
- Midi/RB Lyrics - Right from Midi file.
- Starpower Clap SFX - Off, On
- Failing - Yes, No
- Star Scoring - RB, GH, FoF (how many stars you get I think)
- Score SFX - On, Off
- Killsw(itch) Debug - On, Off (info about killswitch showing ingame)
- Enable Jurgen - On, Off (computer playing)
- Jurgen Player - Both, Player 1, Player 2 (what player will computer be)
- Rock Band Midi Events - On, Off, RB Only
- Bass Groove - On, Off, RB Only (up to 6x multiplier when playing bass guitar)
- Show unused events - No, Yes
- H(ammer)O(n)P(ull)O(ff) debug - On, Off
- Rock Band version - Regular, Beta (change graphics a little)
- In-Game stats - On, Off, RB Only

  • Key Settings

- Key Settings…
- Killswitch - If you hold it when playing long starpower note you will get more Star power.
- Analog killswitch - If yes, you will have to press the button (you set up before), instead of just holding it.

  • Visual Settings

- Settings of graphic…
- Accuracy - how good you hit the note (like Excellent, Perfect etc, just info)
- Solo Accuracy - Percent, Detail, Off (how the game tells you accuracy when playing solo)
- GtrSolo Pos. - Where it will tell you the accuracy, best setting is Rock Band.

  • Fretboard Settings

- Settings of fretboard…
- Leave HO/POs on defaults
- Bass Groove / Guitar Solo Neck - Overlay, Replace, Off (this thing changes the fretboard a little when in Bass Groove or Guitar Solo)

  • Audio Settings

- Don't change anything other then Bass drum sound.

Those are the settings, you can leave the other.

Now you can go play. Choose your neck, and ROCK!

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