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New since 2.830:
++Added Blazingamer's neck select fix
++Added navigatable new song play choice dialog before selecting instrument - "Play Mode:" - "Gig",Practice"
++Wrote logic to calculate generic practice sections for songs without any markers
++Added "Start" position to all practice section lists (for those that want to practice the whole song single-track)
++Added navigatable new generic song practice section choice dialog (without actual section names, for songs without them) before selecting instrument, if "Practice" mode is selected.
+++Rewrote new section retrieval and organization logic for the song initialization to find practicable sections
+++Wrote practice section display & selection logic to replace generic song practice section choices, when available
+++Converted raw practice section locations to more user-friendly mm:ss std time format
++Wrote logic to pass the necessary practice mode information between files, classes, and functions used to prepare and play the song
+++Wrote logic to take the practice information and use it to decide which track(s) to load, and where to start playing them from
++Wrote logic to disable failing when in practice mode
++Practice mode will now start you 4 measures before the section you picked
++Wrote logic to prevent practice mode scores from being stored / uploaded
++Created separate song-listing quick MIDI reader function to speed up song listing (so it doesn't have to retrieve practice sections in the song list)
++Added support for all GH1-style simple text event markers to be practice sections (messy but effective)
++If only one text event / practice marker, the automatically-generated section splits will be used instead

If you want to practice a multi-track song with all instruments playing…
make a copy of that song's folder, edit the title in the song.ini so you
can tell the difference, merge all the .ogg tracks into the song.ogg, and
delete all .ogg files except song.ogg.

To add practice sections to a song with NO text / section events at all (no solo markers),
just add text events or section markers wherever you'd like a practice marker. (GH1-style)

If you would like to add practice sections to a song that already has guitar solo markings,
and those solo markings are actual section markers (like in Rock Band), you must add
more section markers to designate practice sections.

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